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How to Talk to the Technician

Recently, when I was at the car repair shop, I heard someone try to describe the problem with her car and she was doing so in such a way that the mechanic had no idea what she was trying to indicate. What was the problem? She didn't know how to communicate with the mechanic.

Though it seems like common sense that the computer technician would speak English since we are here in the US, there is a special "language" of terms that is used in the computer field just like there is in the car repair shop. The best way to communicate with the technician is to understand what some of these terms mean.

First, when talking with the technician, indicate as clearly as possible what the problem is: the computer won't boot or there is a noise or some other malady. After that, indicate what lights you see flashing that are unusual from normal operation. Also, let him know if there are any noises that you've noticed that are not familiar to you. If the computer seems to be taking longer to boot than normal or it seems to be running hotter than usual, let him know those symptoms as well.

Next, let him know if you have made any changes to the computer or to the environment that occurred right around the time of the change in your computer's operation. Even if you might be embarrassed about what might have occurred (such as the computer getting a virus from going to an online gambling website that you've not visited previously, for example), be honest with him. He's seen and heard it all before, so he won't bat an eyelash and it will only make his job easier...which means that you will save money in the long run.

Finally, let the technician make the determination as to what he thinks the problem is. Don't play techie and try to second-guess him. Just like one would not try to second-guess the car mechanic or the physician, don't try to do so with the computer tech. A good quality computer technician, such as those who work for Best Deal Computers, is trained and certified by major manufacturers and industry associations (such as the Computing Technology Industry Association, commonly referred to as CTIA or CompTIA) and has proven diagnostic and repair skills.

Also, as a tip, realize that not all repairs can be performed on-site. Though Best Deal Computers tries to do as many repairs on site as possible, there are some that must come into the shop for analysis by our diagnostic workstations. If our technicians recommend in-shop service, the reason is that we want to provide the best quality repair to remedy your situation. A common example of this is virus removal: due to the nature of many viruses and how they infiltrate the operating system, it is most successful to have the diagnostic machines in the shop perform the work.

If you have questions about what the technician is telling you, please do not hesitate to ask questions. The only foolish question is the one that is not asked. It is your computer and you have the right to fully understand what is planned for it to resolve the problem. We at Best Deal Computers will always make sure to explain things to you in plain English rather than trying to use complicated techno-babble. Give us a call today and let us show you why you will always get the Best Deal from us.