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$70 per hour, one hour minimum. If you live outside of Douglas County, there will be a modest $30 travel charge in addition to the one-hour minimum. There are no "shop fees" or other miscellaneous charges that are often tacked on by other repair services. If the service you require is a virus scan, we charge a flat fee of $149. While we charge a bit more for our virus scans than some of our competitors, we also go to much more effort to make sure your machine is clean by using a total of four different utilities to remove the various viruses, spyware, trojan horses, malicious registry entries, and other unwanted code from your system. Please read about these in our Free Advice articles entitled BDC's Armory to Destroy Your Infections.

If what you need is a hardware repair of your computer and parts are needed, then the cost of service will be the hourly labor and parts, of course. We will give you an estimate of the charges after the evaluation so that you can decide whether to proceed with the repair.

Because, unlike most of our competitors, we operate fully in the black. We do not finance our business with loans, credit cards, or other costly forms of funding. Instead, we let the business fund itself. While this often means slower growth, it also means that we weather changes in the market and in the economy with far less impact than others. This is why we've been around for over 30 years and shall continue to be around for years to come.

We are able to sell you just about any brand of computer that you wish. The only exceptions would be Dell/Alienware and Gateway/eMachines. The reason being that we do not have confidence in the quality of those four brands: they all too often fail and come in for repair. We will sell only those machines that we know will serve our clients well.

For this reason, we proudly offer machines custom-built by Best Deal Computers. Inside each and every machine, we use only quality parts. There are no cheap and unreliable ASRock or Asus motherboards or Western Digital hard drives in our custom machines. Our computers are based on Gigabyte motherboards and Seagate hard drives.

As for our premier OEM brands, we sell Hewlett Packard, Acer, and Lenovo. If you want a computer from another line, we can get it but we have found other brands tend to be less reliable. We are in the business of making sure our clients get the technology on which they can rely, not on selling junk that must return to the shop every other month.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has been exerting its muscle on the manufacturers in the recent past, including Intel, by requiring them no longer to develop drivers for anything less than Windows 10. So, the only way to get a computer with Windows 7, for example, is to buy either a used or refurbished unit. Previously, we were able to custom build computers and sell them with Windows 7 but Microsoft has required Intel to quit creating drivers for their modern CPUs to allow them to function reliably in the older versions of Windows. I wish that I could give you better news, especially considering how full of problems Windows 10 continues to be today, even though it has been on the market for nearly four years now but that is the state of the industry. My best advice is to continue to hold onto your Windows 7 machine and keep it running for another two or three years until such time that (hopefully) Microsoft finally gets Windows 10 working at least to some reasonable level, especially in regard to compatiblity with peripherals such as printers.

Because of the pressure that Microsoft has exerted on the industry, we are no longer able to offer Windows 7-based computers. All our custom-built machines will be configured with Windows 10.

To answer the repair question first, it depends on how many machines we have ahead of you in the queue. If time is an issue, please let us know and we will gladly do what we can to get your computer repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. Having said that, at this time most repairs that do not need parts are finished within two to three business days. For Best Deal Computers, business days are Monday through Friday. If parts are needed, then additional time may be required.

Note to Local Business Owners: We gladly provide priority service to you at no additional charge in the spirit of professional courtesy. Let us know the name of your business when you call and we will put you at the head of the queue.

In regard to sales orders, we are able to obtain most items within about two to three business days. If you need the items faster, expedited shipping is an option and we will be happy to let you know what the costs would be.

Most definitely. Before Best Deal Computers re-opened its doors to the general public, we concentrated on serving major contracts for hospitals, major corporate offices, insurance, real estate, education, libraries, public utilities, and all levels of government. Since then, we have enjoyed providing service to authors, attorneys, legal and medical offices, retail stores, beauty salons, and much more. Of course we also serve the private user in addition to our fellow businessmen.

They indicate the level of confidence that various manufacturers and industry associations have in our abilities as a whole.

CTIA A+ (also frequently called CompTIA A+) is a certification earned by passing standardized tests administered by the Computing Technology Industry Association. To put it simply, this is similar to ASE certification of your auto mechanic. It shows that Best Deal Computers has the knowledge and skill to repair your computer. Best Deal Computers has been A+ Certified since the CTIA first started the program back in 1993.

Novell CNE Certification means that we have passed several standardized tests given by Novell, Inc. to show our knowledge and ability in administering networks.

The certifications earned from the various manufacturers show that they have found Best Deal Computers to be competent and fully versed in their abilities to provide repair services for their hardware and, as such, have authorized Best Deal Computers to perform warranty services.

Just like any other business with which you are satisfied: let others know. As any businessman can tell you, the best advertising is word of mouth. Just be sure to tell those whom you refer to mention your name when they call. Every referral you send us that results in a sale or at least one hour of service earns you a $5 credit. Those credits can be used toward the purchase of new hardware or labor charges. Please ask for details about how to redeem those credits.

Just like in any business, though we strive to insure everyone is happy, it does occur rarely that we fail to meet the expectations of a customer. If that happens to be you, please let us know what has upset you and we will work with you to remedy the situation to the best of our abilities.

Sorry, no, not at this time. However, when we are hiring, we will advertise in the Lawrence Journal-World or in another local newspaper in the area where we need personnel with outgoing personalities, excellent communications skills, and superior analytical abilities. In the interim, if you wish to send us a resume, please feel free to email it to us (see Contact Us in the menu on the left). We will keep it on file for consideration and contact you when positions are available.

Our business is primarily outcall-based. This means that we come to you. The easiest way to reach us is either by calling us or using the Contact Us form in the menu on the left. If we are unable to answer your phone call, please be sure to leave a voicemail. It probably means that we are providing the same high quality service to another customer that we will gladly give you when we return your call shortly. If you wish to fax us or send us anything by postal mail, UPS, or other means, you will find the appropriate details by selecting Contact Us in the menu on the left.

Contact us via the Contact Us option in the menu on the left and we will be glad to answer whatever question you have.