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BDC Standard Policies

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We strive to have all orders shipped the day they are placed. However, due to the various locations of the warehouses of our suppliers, orders placed after 2pm Central Time may not be shipped until the following day. To insure that the orders are able to be processed, it is suggested to contact us by 1pm Central Time so that we have time to get in touch with our suppliers before their shipping cutoff time. Orders placed after 2pm Friday will be shipped on Monday. No orders are able to be processed by our suppliers on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

Expedited shipping is available on most orders at additional cost. Please inquire if you wish to have an estimate of those costs for your order.

All orders will be delivered to the customer as soon as they arrive.

Custom-built machines and items that are special-ordered for a client are not returnable or refundable. All other purchases may be subject to a restocking fee.

All services carry a minimum one-hour charge unless stated otherwise.

Evaluation for service is charged a one-hour minimum. However, that amount is waived if the repair service is authorized and the bill is paid in full upon completion of service.

Our repair estimates are only estimates, not guarantees, of costs and time required. Sometimes the repairs will cost more or take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as we are aware of those problems, we will let you know and update you with new costs and time estimates.

During any repair, there is the possibility of data loss. Best Deal Computers cannot be held responsible for any data loss as a result of its services. Further, Best Deal Computers cannot be held responsible for any financial or other loss experienced due to data loss or loss of use of equipment due to failure or during time required for service. It is the responsibility of the owner of the equipment to have adequate backups to protect himself. Your authorization to perform the work indicates your understanding of this policy and your acceptance of the risk.

Lost data due to a crashed hard drive, accidental reformat, or other means are available in our Class 100 clean room facility. For details, please contact us via the Contact Us selection in the menu on the left.

Repair services do not include data backup. If you wish us to backup your data, you must state this in advance and be willing to pay for additional labor charges for the amount of time required to perform backup. All data will be burned to CDs, DVDs, or flash drive(s) (depending on amount of data). Cost of backup media will also be added to the bill. To reduce the charges, it is suggested you know where all your data is stored so that you can tell us precisely where to obtain your important files. Exploration of the system to seek out data requires additional time and, thus, incurs additional charges.

If an operating system reinstallation is required and your computer does not have an appropriate Certificate of Authenticity sticker on the chassis (most often on the side or top of desktop/tower computer or on the bottom of laptops), you will be required to provide the certificate of authenticity or purchase a copy of the operating system before Best Deal Computers will perform the installation. Best Deal Computers does not condone software piracy nor will we perform such an act.

Sales orders valued at $200 or more require a 50% deposit in advance. No product shall be ordered until the deposit is received.

All special orders must be paid in full prior to the order being placed. No cancellations are accepted once the order has been placed with our suppliers.

All orders shall be paid in full upon delivery of the product. All product shall remain the property and in the possession of Best Deal Computers until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Any product remaining in the possession of BDC after 30 days from date of attempted delivery shall become available for resale by BDC to other clients. Any prepaid amount shall be forfeited by the customer and not subject to refund.

Upon notification of completion of repair, the client has 24 hours to arrange a time for payment for the services and return of the computer. If no arrangement is made, storage fees in the amount of $5 per day begin to accrue and will be required to be paid in full, along with all other outstanding service balances, before release of the property is authorized. Additionally, if the customer made arrangements for delivery of product or return of a repaired computer and fails to complete the scheduled transaction, storage charges in the amount of $5 per day shall be charged retroactively from the date the arrangements were scheduled and shall be paid in full, in addition to all other outstanding amounts, before delivery of the product or release of the repaired property.

All amounts past due (both in sales and service) shall be paid in full before release of any property in the possession of Best Deal Computers is authorized. Any property remaining in the possession of Best Deal Computers for 30 days or longer shall become the property of BDC and any outstanding balances will be subject to collection. Any customer against whom a collection account is filed shall be liable for the amount owed for any outstanding sales orders and/or service bills, interest charges, storage costs, collection fees, court costs, bank fees, and other related costs incurred in the collection of the debt. Further, any charges previously waived will be reinstated and any credits previously given are voided for any bills submitted for collection and are added to the amounts due.

To avoid charges, appointments must be cancelled at least two hours before scheduled arrival time of BDC personnel. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled less than two hours in advance are billed a one-hour minimum and a trip charge (whether within Douglas County or outside).

Any bounced checks incur a $35 service fee in addition to any other costs incurred due to the bad check. The outstanding balance will then be a total of the original balance and the aforementioned fees. The account shall be filed as a debt for collection if the amount due is not paid in full immediately. Further, all sales and service bills for that customer from that time forward shall be paid only by cash, money order, cashier's check, or certified check. Sales orders will be paid in full before any product is ordered on behalf of the customer.

The laws of the State of Kansas govern all sales, services, and contracts arising from transactions with Best Deal Computers.

Referral Program

For every new customer who comes to us who mentions the person who referred them, we will issue a credit to the referrer in the amount of $5. The credits may be combined and used collectively with the following restrictions. This credit may be used toward the purchase of new hardware or toward reduction of a service bill. The limitations on use toward a sales bill are 25% of the bill or $50, whichever is less, with a minimum pre-discount purchase of $20. The limitation on use toward a service bill is a maximum of one hour of service. (Yes, that means that if your service bill is only for a one-hour minimum, you get that hour for free.)

Project Goodwill

Non-profit organizations, as recognized by IRS Tax Code 501(c)(3), are able to enter into the Best Deal Computers Project Goodwill program. This is a free program that gives back to the organizations that give to our community. The benefits are reduced pricing for purchases (typically between 5 and 10%) and reduced charges for labor (currently reduced from $70 to $60). Additionally, Project Goodwill members often receive donated items, service, and time for fundraising activities or to help in general support of the organization. Additionally, unless you would prefer us not to do so, we will list your organization on our Local Links page with a line or two mentioning the quality service you provide. Membership is obtained by contacting BDC and requesting membership. The policies of the membership are as follow: Any outstanding amounts due to Best Deal Computers incurred before membership must be paid in full before use of the membership discounts can commence. Further, any amount that remains due over 30 days shall require BDC to suspend the account until the overdue balance is remedied. (This does not include amounts that are currently in dispute and being researched.) Any orders placed while the account is suspended will not be processed until the over due balance is resolved. Any service requests will be charged at the normal retail rate.

Block Time Agreement

Best Deal Computers sells block time agreements in the amount of 5, 10, 25, or 50 hours or a negotiated amount as agreed between BDC and the client. This means that you pay in advance for the amount of time that you wish (with price breaks given at successively higher levels) and you do not have to pay for labor charges either on-site or in our shop until the expiration of the contract. It also places you in the same priority queue as local businesses and Project Goodwill members for in-shop repairs. The costs of parts are still incurred and due upon completion of each service call. If the block time agreement runs out of time before the completion of the current service call, a courtesy extension of up to two hours of time will be given and will be billed at the hourly rate in the previous agreement. In excess of those two hours, if the client wishes the additional time to be at a reduced amount, a new block time agreement must be signed and that additional time will be deducted from the time purchased in the new agreement. Otherwise, any remaining time beyond the courtesy extension shall paid at the full normal hourly rate in effect at the time of service. To download the agreement, please click here.